24-HR Layover in Oslo, Norway

Planning on doing a quick layover in Oslo or do you just want to spend a day exploring Norway’s capital? Here are my top three things you should do during a 24 HR layover in this buzzing Scandinavian city!

#1. Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House seemed like it was the heart of this modern metropolis. It also happens to be the ultimate place to get that golden instagram shot! It was built in 2007 and home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. It’s unique architecture and the location makes this the most visited site in Oslo (which didn’t surprise me at all). In 2008, they opened the outside of the the building to visitors so now you can walk along the sides AND the roof of this spectacular building. When you visit, don’t forget to spend some time admiring the Opera House from afar as well because it sits on the beautiful waterfront of The Oslofjord.

#2. Floating Sauna

One of the most exciting things I saw while walking along Langkaia Peir were these adorable floating saunas! They’re open year around for anyone who is brave enough to take a dip into the chilly Scandinavian waters! It’s become a huge part of Norwegian culture to plunge in water for an ice bath then warm up in the floating hot sauna with your friends (or strangers). Ice bathing is one of the unique charms of Oslo and I was so thrilled I got to see it first hand. They’re also open year around so this is a must-do when visiting Oslo.

Unfortunately, I was not one of those brave souls to take the plunge into the icy waters and I had forgot my swim suit. However, I’m putting it on my list of things to do next time I visit Oslo!

#3. The Viking Ship Museum

When it comes to Scandinavian history, it doesn’t get much more exciting than the history of the Vikings! If you’re like me and the Viking culture has always fascinated you, then the Viking Ship Museum should be on your bucket list. This museum takes you through the journey of how the Vikings lived through authentic viking artifacts including three beautifully crafted Viking ships (the most well preserved in the world)

The Oseberg Vessel (pictured below) was used as a burial ship for two viking women who are presumed to be of very high importance. When the ship was discovered in 1903, it had a burial chamber with walls that were lavishly decorated in elegant tapestries. The women also had a number of burial gifts with them including objects such as fifteen horses, three highly decorative sleighs, farming tools, five beds, various clothing and six dogs. This type of burial reminds of the pharaoh tombs I’ve heard about in ancient Egypt. The museum also has the skeletons of the two women on display which I thought made this experience that much more exciting.


Accomendations can be quite expensive in Oslo. If you’re a budget traveler, then you should probably rent an Airbnb so you can get more bang for your buck.

This adorable 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment was the perfect size for myself and my travel buddy but it can accommodate up to 4 people. It came with a full kitchen, a modern living area, a washer/dyer, and an adorable space outside to have your morning cup of of coffee. It’s also in a fantastic location- right in the center of Oslo (a 10 min walk from Oslo Central Station). Cecilie was our Airbnb host who greeted us upon our arrival and gave us a grand tour. She was so sweet and even gave us some suggestions of places to eat around the area- one of the perks of having an Airbnb host!

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If you’re more of a luxury traveler, then you need to look into the most beautiful hotel in all of Oslo- The Grand Oslo Hotel. I was lucky enough to be invited to to stay and try out all their amenities including a fine dinging restaurant, a world class rooftop bar and a gorgeous spa with a indoor heated pool and saunas. Located in the famous Eidsvoll Square, it’s a great spot for an easy commute to all the most visited sites in Oslo.

Below are my best captures of my luxurious stay at this 5 star hotel:

VIP welcome with a tray of fruit and chocolates! How did they know me so well??
Baclony view from my suite overlooking the charming Eidsvoll Square.
Gorgeous grand staircase throughout the whole hotel.
Delicious croque madame for lunch at their Palmen Restaurant
An outrageous amount of sweet treats at the Palmen Restaurant on their dessert buffet.

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