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When I travel to new places, I always try to have the most authentic experience possible. That is why on my last two Europe trips, I partnered with a company called Withlocals. They are a one-of-a-kind touring company that caters to travelers who want to get that genuine local experience while abroad. They offer private food tours, walking tours, day trips, historical tours and even nightlife tours. They also offer tours in countries all the world including Ireland, Italy, China, Spain, Africa and even Malaysia.

I know you’re probably thinking, what makes Withlocals so unique? Well, for starters, you get to pick your own LOCAL tour guide. How cool is that? I most recently did a Withlocals food tour in Florence and in Dublin. Each of my tour guides loved their city and genuinely loved sharing their passion with travelers like myself. Another thing that I love about Withlocals is that most of the tour guides have an engaging introduction video to themselves explaining why you should pick them as your personal guide. It makes the whole experience that much more fun. You really feel like you already know them by the time you meet them in person. Those introduction videos were a key factor in deciding which tour guide I wanted to show me around.

Another benefit of booking a Withlocals tour is that the tour guides can completely customize your tour for you depending on your exact needs and wants.

Here are some of the highlights from my 10 Tastings- Flavors of Florence Food Tour:

  • We stopped by Fabbio Picchi’s (a famous Florentine chef) grocery store called C.BIO and our tour guide took us up to Fabio’s gorgeous rooftop herb garden. It is a perfect spot for the ultimate Italian picnic.
  • Explored Sant’Ambrogio Market where we ate some delicious farm to table meats, cheeses and homemade wine.
  • Had a private wine and food tasting at Enoteca Mondovino. They have the most beautiful medieval wine cellar that houses hundreds of collectors wines- some over 100 years old!

A few months after leaving Florence, I found myself traveling to Ireland. Dublin is actually one of newest cities added onto the Withlocal’s list of exciting destinations. I had such a great experience in Florence, I knew I had to take the Withlocals Dublin’s Favorite Food Tour.

This time around, I picked Ruairi as our tour guide. I picked him because he is a true Dublin local- born and bred. Ruairi was able to share with us all the local spots to get the best Irish pints and eat traditional Irish dishes. If you’re a history buff (like myself), Ruairi is also very knowledgeable about the rich history of Dublin. Along the way, he shared with us some exciting historic facts about Ireland which I thought was a huge bonus. I highly recommend Ruairi as your local Dublin guide!

Here are some of the highlights from my Dublin’s Favorite Food Tour:

  • Made a pit stop to try some Falafel at Uni Falafel in Georges Arcade.
  • Chowed down on a Boxty Platter (a traditional Irish pancake) and Boxy Fries at The Boxty House.
  • Finished off the tour with some Chocolate Cake and Apple Crumble Pie at Queen of Tarts.

I can honestly say that both food tours in Florence and Dublin were the highlights my trips. They were the most authentic food tours I’ve ever been on. Not to mention, I became fast friends with both of my tour guides (I still talk to them today). If you’re a foodie AND a history buff, this is the perfect experience for you!

If you want to book your personalized 10 Tastings Flavors of Florence food tour, CLICK HERE

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